The Dirty Little Secret of College

One in four college freshmen at four-year universities do not return for their sophomore year. Community colleges fare even worse with half not returning for the second year. Why? The reality of college doesn't meet the expectations the students had when they were in high school.

The Seattle Times reports that for many new college students, the intensity of the pace and the amount of academic work can be overwhelming. Even though Advanced Placement classes, which are designed to cover the same material as college courses, have become more popular and accessible than ever before most--yes, most--high school graduates are not prepared to enter college, the Times says of numerous studies. Call it the dirty little secret of college. Stanford University has another way to describe it: Betraying the college dream. The Bridge Project at Stanford recently published a national report, based on information culled from students, parents, and educators in six states, that list the top 10 myths students believe about college.

How many of these myths top 10 myths about preparing for and attending college do you believe?

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